1. Prices
1.1 The German Cultural Centre Sibiu is offering standard courses and special courses (see sections 1.4 and 1.5) during the summer module 2019. The standard courses comprise 60 UD* each and costs 650 RON/ person, when paid in full, and 670 RON/person, when paid in two instalments. The first instalment is 450 RON and the second instalment 220 RON. Original supporting teaching materials are included in this price.
1.2 Students benefit from a 40 RON discount for all courses, upon full payment of the fee, if they present identification from their school/ university.
1.3 The second instalment (220 RON) must be paid up until the 5th week of the course. If the course-goer does not comply with any of the above-mentioned terms, they will be excluded from the German course and will not be able to benefit from the course fulfilment certificate.
1.4 The price for a conversation/grammar course starts at 280 RON, to be paid in full upon registration. This course format comprises at least 18UD*.
1.5 Special courses (exam preparation, German language for medical purposes, etc.) need at least 10 registered course-goers to be hold. More information at the courses bureau.
1.6 The course-goer must ask the receipt as proof for all payments, which must be kept until further notice.
1.7 The course-goer must pay the full amount for the course, regardless of the moment they register.
1.8 The course fee will be returned in full, if the group applied for will not be constituted.
1.9 The course fee will be partially returned in case of serious illness and unforeseen family incidents, should the participant be unable to attend due to these reasons. In this case, the participant will call upon the course bureau with proof of payment and proof of registration. The payment can be returned only if these conditions are complied with, excluding the cost of the textbook that is included in the initial package. Exceptional is only if the textbook is new; if the textbook presents any damage due to use, the participant cannot withhold the right for a full refund. In case of withdrawal from the course, the textbook is given back to the German Cultural Centre Sibiu.
1.10 Withdrawal from a course is also possible during the first week, (the latest date being 26.07.2019), in which case an administrative fee of 20%, calculated from the entire course fee, will be non-refundable. Mandatory: Written notification to and the return of the textbook.
1.11 Occurrences such as the wrongful time management for the German course, unscheduled delegations, personal trips, etc. do not fall under the examples from points 1.8 – 1.10 and do not constitute sufficient reason for neither the full, nor the partial refund. In these circumstances, the course-goer cannot claim any type of refund, not paying the full course fee, nor using the paid instalment for a future course.
1.12 The course fee paid for a seat in the autumn module 2019 cannot be used for a seat in the future modules.
1.13 The course fee can be paid only in cash at the courses’ bureau or through bank transfer, the latter only if a representative has already agreed upon this method (per e-mail), and has confirmed the available position for the specific course level. For those who pay through bank transfer without the aforementioned consent, the money will be wired back in two-five weeks, with the exception of the bank taxes afferent to these transactions. If a bank account doesn’t exist in order for the sum to be transferred to, it will be the course-goer’s duty to get in touch with the Romanian-German Cultural Company and communicate the necessary information abiding by the regulations of the present document.

2. Duration and Schedule
2.1 Standard week-days courses in the summer module of 2019 will begin on the 15th /16th of July 2019 and will end on the 20th of September 2019.
2.2 The duration of the course is of 10 (ten) weeks, with the meetings scheduled as follows:
- Monday and Wednesday or/and Tuesday and Thursday, 18:00 - 20:30 / 8:30 - 11:00, 3 (three) DU* (each of 45 min.) and one 15 min. break;
The schedule varies according to each level. Thus, some courses/ levels can only be attended during specific days and time-frames.
2.3 The duration of the conversation course will be unilaterally managed by the German Cultural Centre Sibiu. The course will be organized only if the required minimum of people register for the course.
2.4 In exceptional cases, at the written request of a candidate the German Cultural Centre Sibiu can organise any type of course, according to the price list existing in the courses bureau. The schedule is unilaterally managed by the German Cultural Centre Sibiu.

3. Registering for the German Course
3.1 Only the candidates that have paid the entire course fee or the first fee by the end of the registration period (12.07.2019) are considered to be fully registered.
3.2 The candidate will fill-in the registration form with their personal data as it appears in the ID card and declare on their own account the data written on the form is correct and complete. For registration a photocopy after the ID form is required. 
3.3 Returning course-goers, who have already completed at least one module, will present the participation diploma at registration.

4. Classification tests
4.1 The classification tests take place by appointment, between 2.07. and 12.07.2019, from 3:00 p.m. The test comprises of both a written testing and an oral testing. Depending on the number of participants, the test can take up to 3 hours. For further details please refer to the Course Classification Contract. The German Cultural Centre Sibiu reserves the right to not organise classification tests if a minimum number of participants is not fulfilled.

5. The Course Material
5.1 For the levels A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B1+, B2.1, B2.2, C1.1 and C1.2 the original course material is included in the course’s price.
5.2 The participant agrees to bring along the course material from the first meeting onwards.
5.3 According to the law no. 8/1996 concerning intellectual property and adjacent regulations, taking part in a course without the original course material is prohibited. Thus, photocopying and further distribution of course work is prohibited.
5.4 The textbook contains a maximal programme; some elements can be omitted, replaced, or indicated as facultative.
5.5 We are encouraging all the participants to work with their own dictionaries at all times (Romanian-German, German-Romanian for the A1-A2 level, German Language Explicative Dictionary for the levels B1-C2).

6. Assessment and final tests
6.1 Continuous assessment is compulsory. Those who do not obtain a minimum of 70%, according to the evaluation bar, cannot register for the next levels. Those who do not obtain the indicated percent, or that do not sit the final exam, have a one-time chance to meet the teacher at an agreed-upon date for a re-testing. Those who have obtained between 50% and 69,9%, can participate at supplementary courses. More information via the courses’ bureau.
6.2 Those who wish to continue in the next module but have not met the percentage criteria from their last module can undergo the classification tests in the next registration period. S/he must inform themselves regarding the timeframe of these tests and to organise an appointment. To be eligible to attend, one must prove they haven’t passed any prior evaluation and pay the classification test fee of 100 RON. For those who have not attended German classes recently, there is a possibility they can be recommended for a lower level than expected/ one passed before.
6.3 Those who do not participate at the final examination nor at the re-evaluation at the date established by the coordinator of the Linguistic Department, can sit for another later re-evaluation, by paying the fee of 100 RON, subject to availability.

7. First day of class
7.1 In the first day, participants will come 10 minutes before the start of the class, on the premises of the German Cultural Centre Sibiu (16 Mitropoliei Street) where courses will take place, in order to find their course room.

8. Individual study and course attendance
8.1 Our teaching standards and the approach based on communication are to be met with a well-grounded and continuous individual study. Thus, for those who participate in 6 UD*/week modules, it is recommended that the equivalent of 6 UD*/week is spend in individual study. The German courses organised by the German Cultural Centre Sibiu are held mainly in German, the courses being structured on language levels recommended by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, with emphasis on communication.
8.2 Homework is part of the individual study and they are compulsory. If a course-goer decides against submitting homework and spending time privately in individual study, this will affect their progress and their evolution throughout the course and will show during the final assessment. The teaching body cannot be held responsible for such a progression.
8.3 The course-goers are responsible for their progress, the communication with the teacher and their activity during class. Each course-goer has the obligation of collaborating with their teacher, ask questions if necessary and to signal the potential issues to the coordinator of the courses’ bureau. The course-goer has the right to ask information regarding the teaching methods both from the teacher and from the coordinator of the courses’ bureau, during office hours. The course-goer acknowledges that any information withheld or submitted at a late date will severely impact the ongoing course.
8.4 Each group is encouraged to nominate a representative until the second course week. This person will keep in contact with the coordinator of the courses’ bureau, facilitating all communication between the course-goer and the Linguistics Department. 
8.5 The course-goer can’t claim the changing of the teaching method, no matter his reason or statute.

9. Certification
For the course certificate are eligible only those who have attended for at least 70% of the meetings. The course certificate is not an international diploma and it is available for only 1 year after its issue. The course certificate and any additional documents will be available after a maximum of 10 days. Unfortunately, we cannot issue more copies of the same certificate, or certificates that are older than 1 year, at this time. For obtaining an internationally recognised lifetime certificate, the course-goers are encouraged to sit for the Goethe-Institut exams. More information via the courses’ bureau.

10. Miscellaneous
10.1 The German Cultural Centre reserves the right to change the teacher, the schedule and the classroom from one module to the next. The German Cultural Centre also reserves the right to replace the teacher of the module in progress, or to find a suitable replacement in case the teacher initially assigned to a given course cannot, for various reasons, attend to one or multiple classes.
10.2 The German Cultural Centre Sibiu reserves the right to allow their teachers in training to assist to a number of courses. By signing this document, the course-goer agrees to this.
10.3 The German Cultural Centre reserves the right to cancel a course, if the designated class doesn’t have a minimum of 10 participants.
10.4 There always is a maximum number of course goers/ course, also established taking into consideration the volumetric capacity of the classroom. According to the Goethe-Institut standards, the number in a class cannot exceed 16 participants.
10.5 Smoking in the premises is strictly forbidden.
10.6 The course-goer must respect the course schedule. Late attendance or absence is on everyone’s own account.
10.7 The course-goer will not influence in a negative way the course process by using an inappropriate language or by disturbing the other course-goers or the teacher.
10.8 In the case of absence, the course-goer is directly responsible for keeping up-to-date, and to procure the lessons from their peers. After the absence, the course-goer has the right to ask the teacher in the breaks or after class, any questions they might have regarding the study material individually studied. Alternatively, the teacher can also use the e-mail as a communication medium, if previously stated upon.
10.9 Keeping the quality standards high has always been a priority for the German Cultural Centre, for which there can be occasional inspections from the Linguistics Department of the Management Department, or teaching exchanges among the members of the teaching body. The course-goer agrees with this.
10.10 The course-goer will not, on their own initiative, tamper with electrical or heating appliances. In the case of suggestions or malfunctions, they should inform the teacher or the coordinator of the courses bureau.
10.11 It is forbidden to offer tips/ attentions to the teachers or the staff pertaining to the German Cultural Centre Sibiu.
10.12 Those who wish to voice their opinion regarding the activity of the German Cultural Centre Sibiu/ SCRG can do so in writing and depositing the documents in the marked post box from the main entrance. In case of written complaints, the members of the staff are obliged to formulate a written response within 30 working days, if the plaintiff leaves a forwarding address. In the case of verbal complaints from the course-goers, the contact person is either their teacher or the coordinator of the courses bureau, in the registration periods. In case there is no mediation at this time, the plaintiff can address in writing to the Management Department of the German Cultural Centre Sibiu/ SCRG. The management is obliged to formulate a written response within 30 working days, if the plaintiff leaves a forwarding address.
10.13 The course-goer agrees to their contact information (phone number and /or e-mail-address) given at the registration being used for the purpose of the communication between the course-goer and the German Cultural Centre Sibiu/SCRG. The course-goer’s unwillingness to share their contact information (phone number and/or e-mail-address) leads to the impossibility of registering for the course.
10.14 Newly adopted measurements concerning the safety of the teachers and/or of the employees of GCCS or any other new information of general interest will be brought into the course-goers’ attention through e-mail or by posting a message on the cork panel found in each classroom. The course-goer has the duty to inform himself regarding the possible changes by checking periodically the announcements on the cork panels. 

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